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Essence Magazine Misses a Golden Opportunity

Essence is a popular 42-year old “lifestyle magazine for African American women.” According to its website, it boasts of having “more than eight million readers.” Essence magazine is a pretty big deal in the Black community. So, when Maya Rhodan, a reporter from this preeminent publication, contacted me stating she wanted to feature an article about abortion, the #1 killer of Black Americans and a topic talked about far too little in our community, I was excited… Read more

Life At All Costs: An Anthology of Voices from 21st Century Black Prolife Leaders - Is a collection of articles, essays, sermons and research papers and is a literal call-to-action from Black pro-life leaders. With brief, yet highly impactful chapters, it is easy to read while still providing a resonating message that speaks to both the heart and mind.

Our Urban Outreach Director, Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath is a founding member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition and is one of the co-authors of Life At All Costs. To order your copy of this historical and educational book CLICK HERE.

Edited by Dr. Alveda King and Dr. La Verne Tolbert
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Sermon: Let's Stop This Destruction Together (Hosea 4:6).

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